Admiralty & Maritime Law


The Firm's Partners and Associates have more than 20 years of vital industry experience, and over the years have gained considerable exposure in both contentions and non-conventions aspects, of shipping law, advising on matters, ranging from cargo claims, to marine casualties, and from admiralty processes, to insurance law.

The Lawyers of the Firm have acted in every area of shipping business. Our Clients include ship-owners and charterers, P & I Clubs, Shipyards, ship and bunker supply companies, ship and chartering brokers, freight forwarders, hull and cargo insurers, marine engineering companies, salvors etc.

All work undertaken by the firm, is partner-led, with lawyers from the respective departments, who are involved in the core areas of the Law.


Our Lawyers were involved in the following major cases:

• Acting on behalf of a shipowner for an admiralty Claim lodged before Cyprus Admiralty Court against his vessel by a voyage charterer for the sum of USD 1.500.000.
• Handling a salvage claim against a shipowing company and its vessel lodged by a salvor for the sum of USD 350.000 approx.
• Handling a collision claim lodged by a Cyprus Company against a Russian Shipowing Company for the sinking of a fishing vessel in the area of Suez Canal. 
• Handling successfully the defence of an admiralty claim lodged with the Cyprus Admiralty Court against a Cyprus shipowning company by the Chinese Shipping Company COSCO, for a collision taken place in the territorial waters of Denmark (Subject matter USD 50 millions).
• Acting on behalf of a Greek owned Liberian Company on a claim relating to a breach of a voyage charter party due to the loading of dangerous cargo.
• Acting on behalf of a Cyprus Company for a claim against a Russian Shipping Company for the sum of USD 3.5 millions for loss of cargo and obtaining an arrest warrant against a sister-ship.
• Acting on behalf of a Cyprus Company for a Marine Insurance Claim for loss of cargo value of USD 3 millions.
• Handling numerous cases lodged by crew members against a large passenger ship for unpaid wages and emoluments (USD 1.5 millions).
• Handling numerous cases lodged against cargo ships by their crew members for unpaid wages and emoluments.
• Handling cases lodged by suppliers against ships for goods delivered and not paid. 
• Handling claims on behalf of chatterers against ship-owners for breaches of voyage or time charter parties.
• Handling on behalf of Cyprus Shipping Companies with the assistance of our local associates admiralty proceedings commenced in S. Korea, Netherlands, Greece, Malta, Scotland, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, India, Italy etc.