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International Tax Planning

The Lawyers of our Firm have great experience in international tax planning, strategic consulting and wealth management.

Our Lawyers provides tailor-made tax planning and management all over the world. All cross border transactions have a tax implication.

Any presence in a foreign jurisdiction becomes more complex, often resulting in unforeseen tax liabilities or missed opportunities of mitigation.

The application of double tax treaties is important for international companies because assist them in minimizing their tax burden and maximizing shareholder value.

Our tax specialists can assist Clients covert tax traps for the unwary, into opportunities. They can meet the Cyprus and foreign tax sides of a Company’s business into a coherent tax and business strategy.


Practice Area

We are specialized in dispute resolution of complicate and multi-jurisdictional commercial and corporate disputes and we have been involved in all major litigation disputes raised before Cypriot Courts.

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Business Contracts
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